Biggest Stock Market Winners and Losers of 2017

Every year there are big winners and big losers in the stock market, and 2017 is no different. Let’s take a look at which stocks would have padded your portfolio, and others that would have been best to avoid.

Biggest Winners of 2017 So Far

Some stocks are making a big profit for their owners in 2017.  Buy and hold would have been a good strategy for these stocks, but of course hindsight is 20/20.

Vertex Pharmaceuticals: Up 72%

Not every pharmaceutical company can boast numbers like Vertex Pharmaceuticals. They are up nearly 75% this year meaning that if you bought $1,000 worth of their stock back in January you would have almost $1,750 today. Not a bad day’s work if you had the fortitude to buy it and then leave it alone even after it had earned a few hundred dollars.

Activision Blizzard: Up 65%

Here’s what happens when you combine two already successful video game companies into one, they make a lot of profit and get people excited about the future. Activision bought Blizzard and now the two are continuing their individual success together with no signs of slowing down the milking of their respective franchises.

Wynn Resorts: Up 54%

Steve Wynn has made his mark on the Las Vegas landscape and this shows up in the stock price of his hotels and casinos. You just know he’s always got something big planned for the future, and investors have been rewarded for keeping their faith in him. After a rocky couple of years the stock has been on a steady incline.

Biggest Losers of 2017 So Far

There’s bound to be some big losers to balance out all those big winners, right? Here are some of the biggest losers of 2017 in terms of how much they’ve lost their owners, as well as one that has both earned and lost a ton in just a few short months.

Transocean Ltd: Down 45%

Offshore drilling is sure to have its ups and downs, and this year is proving to be a down year for Transocean Ltd. The stock took a big dive back in 2014 and hasn’t recovered, steadily declining over the last three years. Hopefully they’ve got a plan for turning things around, or maybe they’re just hoping for a big score.

Advance Auto Parts: Down 39%

You might be tempted to guess that this stock is down due to all of the competition from AutoZone, but AutoZone stock has seen better days as well. Maybe the auto parts and auto care industry is just one to stay away from, as more and more people turn to leases and do fewer and fewer care repairs on their own.

Trivago: Up 100%, Then Down 50%

What a rollercoaster Trivago has been for a buy and hold investor. Had you bought a share of stock in January for $12 you could have cashed out in July for $24 and essentially doubled your money in 6 months or so. Holding on for more would have cost you though, and you’d sell for a loss of a dollar plus brokerage fees if you sold it today.