Facts About Mold Inspection and How to Prevent and Repair Mold Contamination

Whether you are buying a new house or you have been living in one house for more than a few years, you should definitely consider getting a professional mold inspection soon. You yourself may not be able to tell if your house has been infected by mold and therefore it is necessary to call in well trained, knowledgeable professionals.

Lately, the most common mold that is being found is stachybotrys mold which is also known as black mold. This type of mold is especially toxic to people. The biggest problem with mold is that it can be found in the air or water or any damp surface. Mold has extremely severe adverse effects on the health of individuals especially those with respiratory problems. These health issues can range from mild issues like coughing and sneezing to extreme problems like a life threatening illness.

Before you buy a new house, you should definitely get a mold inspection done. A professional inspector will be able to tell you if there is a mold infection in your walls or pipes or even your air vents. It is important for you to get a mold inspection at the earliest so that you can get rid of it at the earliest as well.

A complete inspection of the house will reveal if there has been an underlying mold problem for several years that has gone undiscovered until now. This could be because the infrastructure of the house has been previously subjected to water damage like leakage and mold has spread without you knowing.

In the case that you can see mold growth on different surfaces, you should definitely call in a professional service. Do not try to handle or clean the mold on your own as contact with it could cause health problems when the spores are released into the air. This situation can be worsened especially if you are living in an apartment building wherein you share ventilation systems with other building occupants. If the spread of the mold is over a large surface, the first step before cleaning it should be identification so that an appropriate disposal method can be arranged.

However, if the area of infection is small and you think you want to clean it up yourself, make sure to wear protective gear such as gloves, safety spectacles, as well as a respirator. While this may sound like an unnecessary step to you, it is better to be safe than sorry. Additionally, when you are carrying out the cleaning procedure, try to relocate the other people in the house so that they are not accidentally contaminated.

You should also bear in mind other situational hazards that can come of trying to clean the mold alone. If you’re trying to clean it off a damp area, take precautions to make sure that there is no electricity flowing through there so you don’t get electrocuted. If the mold has eroded a part of a floor or ceiling too much, make sure that it doesn’t fall through under or on you.

But, the best thing to do in the case of an actual or suspected mold contamination is calling in professionals who will be able to carry out the necessary tests. It is important for the company you employ to be reputed and experienced so that they are able to carry out the right tests in a proper manner. Only professional inspectors can successfully carry out a test of the air to see if there are mold spores present. Additionally petri dish tests should also be carried out in a careful and controlled manner.