Foxtel: Australia’s Favourite TV and Broadband Service Provider

Foxtel is regarded nationwide as Australia’s prime TV service. It seems to be the first choice for people when it comes to looking for a reliable TV and broadband service. This vast customer base did not build up overnight though. Foxtel has been around for a long time. In fact, it was founded in 1995 due to a venture between a Fox media news corporation and Telstra who allowed Foxtel’s signal transmission through its high grade coaxial network.

In 1998, when a popular TV service was dissolved, all its subscribers were looking for a new TV service that can offer the best service and subscribed to Foxtel. Then in 2002, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission approved the content sharing agreement between Foxtel and Optus Television. Then, in June 2017, Foxtel made the big move of buying 15% shares in Ten Network Holdings. Since then, Foxtel has taken great strides to make its service appropriate for people of all backgrounds and age. Last June, Foxtel decided to change its logo from an elitist, aggressive looking one to a more subtle logo in lowercase to make it appear approachable for everyone.

Why customers love Foxtel Play

The packages offered by Foxtel are pretty straightforward. For the most basic package, you have to pay the minimum basic rate and if you want to add additional features, you pay extra for it. If you just want to watch good old TV, Foxtel Play is just right for you. With Foxtel Play, you are not bound to any installation costs or mandatory subscription fee since all the content you access on Foxtel Play is from the internet. Since customers can view the content directly from the internet, this eliminates the need for a technician to work out the dangling cables from the street to your house. You would not need a satellite dish for Foxtel Play either. Additionally, Foxtel Play is a lot cost effective than regular satellite or cable based TV subscription. No matter which of the four available package configurations you choose for your Foxtel Play, you will be paying lesser than what you would be paying for a cable or satellite TV service.

The bundle packages from Foxtel have a cable or satellite TV service combines with a high speed internet and start from monthly costs as low as $55. The added internet service has added great value to the Foxtel subscriptions and granted its customers with a lot of flexibility. You don’t have to be looking elsewhere for broadband services when you can get an all in one package from Foxtel.

Ever improving packages and service

The successful transition between Foxtel’s Presto to Foxtel Play was partly achievable due its pricing. Aside from a quality of service that competes with streaming giants like Stan and Netflix, Foxtel Play offers the most inexpensive packages. Foxtel Play was revamped to give out even lower priced basic plans. These compact, basic packages have been successful in attracting a huge number of Australian customers. With basic packages starting from as low as $10 a month, customers can enjoy content in standard definition. However, it doesn’t end there. Sit tight because Foxtel Play is going to upgrade its content into high definition! Being a strong lower priced end competitor of the TV service has not made Foxtel Play compromise on content. In fact, with just the basic rates, you can have access to the latest, popular and highly rated TV shows and movies.