Parking Lot Design and Engineering

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Developing a safe, well-lit, and aesthetically pleasing area to park a vehicle for customers is one detail that never goes unnoticed. Allowing plenty of space, adding clear markings, and making the area free of obstructions are the beginnings of the perfect parking lot design.

Entry and Exit Design

You need to feel confident that your parking lot is well-lit and easily accessible for vehicles coming and going from your establishment. The width of the entry and exit points need to accommodate standard vehicles of all sizes. You also have to plan for service entryways for larger commercial vehicles to enter and exit without damaging your property, their vehicle, or another vehicle. You have to include all of the correct signs to indicate where to stop or yield before exiting into traffic.

Property Safety and Visual or Physical Obstructions

Every aspect of the design of a parking lot should keep visual clarity and lack of obstructions paramount. Drivers need to have the proper clearance of vision for pedestrian crossings, building corners, entryways, and exits. Items like fire hydrants and cart corrals need placement in areas that will keep drivers from hitting them, or accidentally striking when backing the vehicle.

Rain and Snow Relief

Natural disasters can occur that is impossible to predict which can dump a bunch of rain or snow in record-breaking time. You need areas that are considered “safe zones” for snow plows to remove snow from the parking area and pile it where it can remain undisturbed during melting. You need to install a water drainage system that can handle regular periods of heavy rain without the entire parking area flooding.

Property Aesthetics

All landscaping should look attractive and greenery placed in strategic areas to balance the look of concrete or asphalt. Brightly colored parking space markings and bold handicapped parking notifications all make it easier for drivers to find the parking space needed to patronize your business or group of companies.

Pedestrian Friendliness

You should make it easy and safe for pedestrians to navigate from their vehicles into the businesses and vice-versa. Well placed speed bumps and marked pedestrian crossings will make people feel safer about using your parking lot.

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