3 Steps Marketers Need to Take to Get Their Business’ Message Across




Foggy marketing is bad news for business, isn’t it?


If you feel like you’ve been struggling to get your business’ message across to potential customers online, don’t panic.


After all, there are a myriad of reasons why things just aren’t clicking yet. Consider common reasons why you might be missing the mark with customers such as…


  • Your product is new or complex: if customers don’t have the right level of awareness about what you’re selling in the first place, they won’t give you the time of day
  • You’re marketing is vague: industry jargon might make you seem more professional, but it could very well be confusing your customers
  • Your positioning is off-base: sometimes you simply need a new marketing angle to stand apart from competitors and win over customers


So how do you remedy these symptoms of subpar marketing? Consider the following three strategies to do just that.


Employ Explainer Videos

As the old saying goes, seeing is believing.


You need to adopt a “show, don’t tell” approach throughout your marketing if your product is complicated or confusing. A smart first step to clearing things up is making a brief explainer video that can sum up what you do in a matter of seconds.


This not only clues your prospects in instantly, but also piques their interest to continue reading what you’re all about. This is a smart alternative to hoping that someone tries to read a long-winded blog post or lengthy description about something they don’t understand.


With a video, simply grabbing their attention is enough to lead them down the rabbit hole of what you have to offer. Creating your own explainer video could be a game-changer if you have a product that might be complicated or confusing on the surface.


Grab Stories from Satisfied Customers

Sometimes it pays to let someone else do the talking about what your business can do.


With testimonials and reviews, you not only provide proof that your business is up to snuff, but also allow others to put what you do into simpler terms. Instead of going on and on about your industry, testimonials highlight positive results and help future customers visualize their own success.


Think about how you can grab some testimonials and where you can put them on-site. If you don’t want a dedicated testimonial page, consider sprinkling them in when writing an “About Me” page for your business.


Put an Emphasis on Benefits, Not Features

Marketers often get caught up in the weeds of product features.


Unfortunately, your prospects probably don’t care as much about features versus what those features can do for them. In other words, people want to hear about benefits.


Those benefits might be saving money or time: it’s up to you to get into the heads of your customers to figure out what pain points to harp on. Your marketing shouldn’t emphasize your own product, but the big picture of how your product helps others.


So through the jargon out the window. Try to talk to your customers in the simplest terms possible and always remind them of what your product can do for them versus what it does in general.


Feeling like you can’t communicate your product is definitely frustrating, but it’s a hurdle you can overcome with the right marketing tactics in place. If you feel like your product tends to confuse your potential customers, give these tips a try ASAP.