4 Reasons Why You May Need a Security Guard at a Loved Ones Funeral

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Nearly 2.5 million funerals occur every year across America and almost 20,000 funeral directors help plan the events. Funerals can be solemn family events or grand parties meant to celebrate the great or notable life of the deceased. But whatever the tone, a funeral is truly for those still living. In most cases, funerals are public events opened to anyone with even the slightest connection to the deceased. And the one unspoken but cemented rule is that peace and respect are to be maintained at all times. Of course, the combination of human emotions and the addition of alcohol can create unexpected challenges on a day that can already seem unbearable. The right security team can come in handy in this case even if you’re sure you can handle it all yourself. But why should you consider hiring a professional security guard for a funeral?

Maintaining the Peace 

Funerals can bring out the best in people, but they can also bring out the worst. As much as people may look forward to reconnecting or forming new allegiances with old friends or loved ones, great loss can also lead to alcohol binges, jealousy, and rage. Maintaining peace isn’t always as easy as making verbal agreements or being scolded by a tear-soaked matriarch. Fortunately, a professional security guard can handle and derail any issues before they become the center of attention.

Budget Constraints

Most Americans never wonder about the average cost of a funeral until they’re facing the dreaded task of planning one. There are several ways to minimize and limit the overall costs, but a well-planned funeral can still cost between $7,000 and $10,000. Go beyond the basics and a fancy mahogany casket can cost over $10,000 alone. Extras like renting a venue, catering, parking attendants, and wardrobe or accommodation requirements can also significantly add to the overall cost. Even if you do have time to make a guest list for the funeral, it’s often hard to ensure everyone at the service or wake are accounted for. Fortunately, a professional security guard can help ensure those offering their condolences are actually sincere and not simply party crashers trying to soak up some free food and booze on your dime.

Avoiding Body Theft

Grave robbing is one of those nasty taboo subjects usually left for the discovery channel or NetFlix original series of the month. But it’s still a surprisingly common and easy option for modern crooks. Funeral theft can amount to anything, from flowers or writing utensils at the funeral parlor to an antique brooch, wedding ring, or designer watch picked off of the deceased. It can be hard, if not impossible, for grieving loved ones to guard the casket and greet guests without turning the funeral into a circus. A properly attired professional security guard, however, can help make sure everyone feels at ease.

Derailing Parking Or Placement Disputes

A number of challenges including weather, venue, and the number of attendees can potentially create bottlenecks and parking problems during a funeral. Few people can afford an entire traffic team or police force to organize and reroute the cavalcade. Fortunately, a professional security guard can often easily handle the task. Disputes may also heat up or reignite once inside the funeral home, church, or at the grave site. The professional security guard can also help assist in these matters whether they involve seating placement disputes or an overly emotional or inebriated loved one. A single call to Korner Security in Metro Detroit can get the ball rolling on your security needs to ensure your loved one receives the send-off they deserve without adding extra trauma or drama to the day.