5 Reasons to Have Your Medical Packaging Tested

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The medical supplies industry is one that requires packaging that is not always easy to create. Odd shapes and levels of necessary protection can make this a challenge. Below are five reasons to hire an expert packaging testing service to help ensure you have the best possible solutions.

Discover Leak Potential

Medical products that any type of liquid content need to have packaging that will withstand all phases of transport and distribution without springing leaks. Rather than taking a chance by sending it out to the market untried, hire expert packaging testing services that will mimic real-life distribution conditions.

Learn How Durable the Packaging Will Be

Professional testing creates an environment that is similar to the rigors your packaging will meet out in the real world of transport, warehousing, shelving, and more. You can see if the current packaging will protect your products from shaking, dropping, sudden stops of a vehicle, or temperature changes.

Protect Products Against Contamination

Medical products that are packaged to be sterile from the point of initial packaging to the end-user have to be properly safeguarded from contamination. Any dust, moisture, or other debris that makes it inside the packaging will render the products useless to the consumer. It can also make items unsafe to consume or use during medical procedures.

Meet Strict Compliance Regulations

The packaging and labeling must meet compliance rules and regulations that are in place to help protect the consumer from using any products that are unsafe, or not properly labeled for use. Packaging testing specialists can assist in ensuring your current labeling meets all requirements for compliance at every level.

Fix Packaging Flaws

Testing is the perfect way to root out any possible flaws in the seals, materials, or construction of your medial packaging. The small investment in professional testing can save thousands of dollars in unnecessary returns.

Hiring professional product testing services is a smart way to be proactive about potential problems. Make sure that every package meets the highest quality you can provide.