An Attorney Can Help You Recover Owed Wages

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Employers violate labor laws far more often than people realize. Since most people aren’t well educated about the federal and state labor laws, they may not even know when they’re being cheated out of the pay they have earned. By learning a little more about the tricks employers use, you can be better prepared to take action in these situations.

One of the biggest ways in which people lose wages to their employers is in working overtime. The federal government has established very detailed laws about how and when overtime is to be paid, but employers try to take advantage of loopholes to get out of paying the overtime rate. They may try to misclassify their employees as salaried workers, or as independent contractors. Alternatively, they may average the employee’s pay over a longer pay period to report that no overtime was worked, or they may offer comp time in place of paying overtime.

While these may sound like common practices, they are all prohibited by federal employment laws. If your employer makes use of these practices, it may be in your best interests to consult an unpaid wages lawyer Kissimmee FL. This type of attorney typically offers a free consultation and works for a contingency, so it will cost you nothing out of pocket to pursue the matter. Additionally, an employer, who loses this type of legal dispute, must usually pay the attorney and court fees for the plaintiff.

If you win your case, you may be awarded up to twice the amount of unpaid wages, making it worthwhile to pursue the matter. Just as your employer doesn’t want you stealing from them, you shouldn’t permit your employer to withhold money you have earned. By talking to a lawyer, you can learn more about what practices go against the labor laws, so you can seek owed compensation and prevent further abuses.

Many unscrupulous employers rely on your ignorance of the law and your desperation to cheat you out of fair wages. In some cases, your employer may be willing to settle a dispute early, once they realize you have consulted an attorney. This can help you achieve that which is owed, even without having to go to court. To begin, however, you must speak with an experienced attorney.