Balance and Strength Exercises

When you start exercising, you will realise that there are a myriad of different machines and tools designed to help you work and strengthen pretty much every muscle in your body. Most people will be familiar with the common ones, but there are many which are less known and still have enormous benefits for the people who use them.

Balance boards are incredibly useful piece of exercise equipment, which have a lot of benefits. They can be purchased to cover a range of difficulties, from relatively easy to extremely hard, and are used across lots of different activity groups, including surfers and skiers, as well as recovering from injuries.


They are an incredible way to improve your balance; the idea is to stand upon the board and not allow either edge of it to touch on the ground. The trickiness is increased by boards which can tilt to any 360 degree angle, making it much harder to achieve, and there are several different types with varying levels of difficulty.


Balance boards are a great way to reduce the likelihood of injuring yourself in extreme sports, providing a good way to strengthen your ankles, knees, and hips. Balancing requires muscles throughout your body, so this type of exercise calls on many different areas, allowing you to increase your overall body fitness rather than focusing on a single group of muscles. They’re also a reasonably small piece of equipment which you could use at home and even travel with if necessary.


Another great piece of exercise equipment for use at home and for travelling is a resistance band. These are often used alongside weight training and weight machines, and provide a different sort of workout which is actually more flexible. Instead of relying on gravity for the resistance, the bands themselves provide it, and allow you to apply the resistance in any direction.


Perhaps the flexibility of the bands can be a little daunting when it comes to starting out, but they can be used the same way as traditional weights. By standing on them, you can do bicep curls, and by wrapping them around something you can work on shoulder rotations or chest exercises. You can even work cardio into your routine by using the bands to provide resistance during jumps or stretches. Because of the continued tension, the bands also help you improve your balance as you compensate and stabilise your muscles.


The resistance provided by the bands is very versatile and there are many options, so whether you’re a beginner or an expert, you should be able to find something suitable for your level. The flexibility of the exercises you can do also helps make these a great piece of equipment regardless of your experience, and there are plenty of accessories to expand the exercises you can do.


Both balance boards and resistance bands offer alternatives to bulky, immobile pieces of equipment, which might be particularly daunting for a beginner. They are great for any level, and will continue working for you as you progress on your fitness journey.