Building Relationships After Addiction

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When you enter a halfway house after addiction treatment, you might have questions or concerns about what to expect and what you will have to do while you’re there. One thing that you will usually notice at a transitional house in Washington DC is that it’s simply a large house that has been divided into rooms for each person to live in with a common kitchen and living area. There are a few rules that you usually have to abide by that will keep you safe and that will help to keep you away from the drugs and alcohol that seemed to overtake your life.

In order to be successful in this kind of housing situation, you need to accept the situation that you’re in and the future that you have if you don’t want it to include drugs and alcohol. Don’t break any of the rules of the house. If you break the rules, then you might not be allowed to stay there. Most houses don’t have strict policies, but there are no drugs or alcohol allowed, and you usually can’t have people visit who have these items with them. Some houses perform random drug tests to determine if you are still using drugs and alcohol while in treatment.

Explain the goals that you have to the people who are in the house as well as your family and friends who support your new life so that they can offer support and encouragement. Try to start mending the relationships that you have damaged with friends and family, letting them know that you appreciate the support offered and that you are trying to change your life for the better. Write in a journal or talk to some of the people in the house about why you used drugs and alcohol, seeking other types of counseling if these options aren’t enough.