Catering Services – 5 Tips to Prepare For a Buffet Catering

Buffet catering is one of the most popular catering services that people use to entertain their guests during an event. Buffet catering gives freedom to the guests and allow them to choose how much food they want to have.

  1. Find out how many people are coming to your event. Previous to the fact that you rent a buffet caterer, you need to have the knowledge of the number of people attending your function. However, it is not possible to get an estimated number of people who will turn up on the actual day. You mustmakes note that there will be around 5 to 10 percent of people who will not turn up at the last minute even though they got themselves counted in for your event.
  2. You need to pick the type of buffet you want. You can either choose a normal buffet or a BBQ buffet. If you choose a BBQ buffet, you will make your event more relaxing and it also allow more interaction between your guests.
  3. Choose the type of food for the buffet. You can go forvariedcuisines of food for your buffet catering. There are Western, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc. Whichever type of food you choose, your buffet caterer should be able to fulfil your request.
  4. Chalk out the space for the buffet. Your buffet caterer will be requiring a huge space to set things up on the day itself. So ensure that you sort out a space for him or her to work on. The place that you cater for buffet should be spacious enough for your guests to move around and interact
  5. Brief your caterer on every single detail. To ensure a successful catering, you should let your caterer know all the necessary details before the event. Make sure that your caterer knows what time he or she needs to set things up and what time to clean up the setup area.

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