Diabetes Diet: Why You Need To Stop Drinking Fruit Juice Right Now?

different kinds of diet for people with diabetes

Living with diabetes is directly proportional to balancing your diet day in and day out. An essential part of food for diabetics is fruits which form the best source of fibre and a healthier food for diabetic patient. However, among the foods to control diabetes, there is an increasing preference being given to fruit juices over raw fruits in order to add variety of taste to one’s daily diet for diabetes.

Some good reasons to skip fruit juices

As an important part of your diabetic diet, fruits contribute as major nutrition sources. Juice on the other hand, despite being popular as a food for diabetics, has higher sugar content and is considered to be more convenient to access and consume.

  • Compared to fruits, juices are high in calories, carbohydrates and sugar content. Artificial sweeteners containing fructose in juices throw your blood sugar levels off balance.
  • Although not recommended as a diabetic food, there are some fruit juices which claim to be 100% natural. Before opting for them, check their ingredients for added sugar, carbs and corn syrup as all these interfere with your blood sugar readings.
  • Fruit juices are also devoid of rich fibre content found in fruits as the fruit peel gets filtered when the juice is being extracted from the fruit. Fibre is essential for diabetics as it helps in slow absorption of glucose which limits spikes in blood sugars.
  • Since fruit juice is easy to consume, one tends to take an overdose of the same as it is easier to gulp down. This further compromise on your portion control.

Why fruits are always better?

Being an important component of diabetic diet, fruits are the most widely accepted and recommended as a food for diabetic patient.

There is a reason why fruits constitute as a healthier option. A fruit eaten in raw form has more benefits than its juice form as it is rich in fibre which aids digestion and improves overall metabolism. The fruit peel, the skin on the apple, the seeds in berries etc. and the outer skin that holds the orange segments together all are rich in nutrients which boost your health. However, when you opt for juice, you miss all these wholesome parts of the fruits which get filtered out.

The fibre in fruits also ensures your cholesterol levels are maintained and reduces your risk of acquiring heart related complications. It helps balance fasting blood sugar in the long run.

Monitoring Blood Glucose Levels is the Key

Even if you occasionally consume fruit juices, ensure you use a sugar check device like glucometer to keep blood glucose levels in check and take readings using a handy glucometer before and after consuming the fruit juice. Regular sugar test ensures your patterns can be analysed when required in order to control diabetes.