Forensic Fire Investigation – Understanding the Crime of Arson


It has been ages since humans have had a universal attraction to fire. Fire is a form of energy that provides heat and light. Majority of us find fire fascinating whether it is casted off as part of a fireplace or as a cooking tool to grill that juicy hamburger over an open flame. Perhaps it is fire’s otherworldly excellence that entices us to it much like moths to a flame. In this article, we will talk about the reasons behind perpetrators committing such an atrocious act of destruction.

The reasons why people meaningfully set fires are many and varied. The most common reasons that crooks set fires are as follows:

Casing their tracks

Arsonists many times use fires to cover up another crime, such as theft or even murder. A swindler may use fire to burn up company financial records; an employee who took away merchandise from a company warehouse may expect that the fire will fleece this carelessness. In spite of everything, nobody will know whatsoever is missing if company records and account go up in smoke, isn’t it? It is because of this probable motive, criminal investigators continuously look for indication of a break-in and theft at the crime scene. This is what has happened in many similar cases. The criminal ripped off rent checks from the apartment complexes he used to work for and deposited them in his own particular bank account before long after setting fires to both apartment hiring offices. Theft was his main motive.

Insurance fraud

Possibly the arsonist wants fast money. It could be the insurance on the house or warehouse is superior to the market value of that property. Arsonists from time to time try to file an insurance privilege on treasures they actually detached from the building preceding to torching the place with the hope that they could accept an insurance reimbursement for the goods without in point of fact having to lose them. The purpose in this case is greed.

Psychological reasons

A person who has a compulsive interest in fire may start a forest fire merely because he finds it enthralling. The subsequent obliteration and the beauty and power of the flames themselves satisfy some deep down psychosomatic need. This kind of fire-starting many times becomes a characteristic crime.


A complaint or deep down hatred for another individual may be enough to strong-arm an angry firebug to torch that person’s home or place of work.

Suicide or murder

Fire on occasion is used as a means of resonant out recklessness or murder, because it merely is too tender for suicide and too changeable for murder. Dead bodies found in many cases typically were killed before the fire was set.


A single person or a group of people may blister buildings, cars, houses, or flags to persuade panic or make a political statement.

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