How to Become a DJ in Four Simple Steps

A career as a disk jockey, or DJ, offers an excellent opportunity to earn an income and to have fun as you do. A lot of people love music, but don’t know how to make a career out of that love. With the right approach, and the right music samples, many people can become DJs.

Let’s go over four simple steps to become a disk jockey. By following these tips, you’ll be well on your way to becoming a respected, professional DJ.

Known and Appreciate Every Type of Music

Many people have a favorite type of music. That might mean hip-hop, pop, country, classical or something else. Yet, if you want to be a DJ it’s a good idea to develop an appreciation for every type of music. This will help you broaden your potential audiences and gigs.

Not only should you know every type of music, but you should also take time to learn when and where each song is appropriate. To illustrate, if you are going to be a DJing for a bar mitzvah and bat mitzvah, family-friendly music will be more appropriate. With a wedding, you should talk to the bride and groom about their preferences.

By listening to every genre and then understanding when what music is most appropriate, you will be better prepared to DJ for any event.

Know How Music Equipment Works

DJs must use many different types of equipment. DJs may also be called upon to provide advice for speaker setups and the like. As such, it’s important to know the ins and outs of audio equipment.

So, start familiarizing yourself now and be prepared to become a thought-leader when it comes to audio and fidelity. Also, these days a laptop is a DJ’s best friend.  You will have to learn how to use software to mix music and to make it sound as good as possible.

As a DJ, you will also need to be able to adjust music on the fly. Is the bass for this song too loud? Or are the vocals for that song hard to hear? Be prepared to adjust the music as it plays.

Build a Huge Music Library and Know It Inside and Out

Next, you need to build up a huge music library. As a DJ, you need to be able to access the latest and greatest hits. You will also need to have a big library of past great songs because many people love hearing the classics.

You need to know the technical details of music, such as the beats per minute (BPM). Once you know the BPM, you will have a good idea of how to mix different songs together.

You will also need to know the intros and outros of every song. How does one song end and another begin? How can you seamlessly stitch them together?

As a DJ, it’s vital to make sure that every song transitions smoothly.

Get Out There and Network

Finally, you have to get out there and get to know people. In particular, other DJs and bar/restaurant owners are great people to know. The same is true of wedding planners and other event planners.

Offer to help a DJ in exchange for referrals. Send the bar owner an email. There are many ways to network, so try them all!

Final Thought

Becoming a DJ will take a lot effort, talent and persistence on your part. Nonetheless, DJing can be a lucrative and fun career for people who love music.