How to Care for a Sore Knee

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Runners are prone to a medical condition that causes fluid to build up in the knee. An excess of fluid can leave your knee looking red and feeling quite painful. This condition goes by the name of runner’s knee but can occur in anyone who engages in repetitive actions as well as those who kneel and stand a lot. Other conditions can make your knee ache and cause pains that shoot from your knee to your ankle or up into your thigh and/or hip. Before making an appointment with an orthotics Toronto facility, you can care for your sore knee at home.

Rest and Elevate

You cannot expect to jump right back into your old habits again right away after suffering a knee injury. Two things you can do to care for your knee until it recovers are resting it and elevating it. You want your knee to be higher than your heart, which you can accomplish in a lounging or laying position. Try propping your knee up on the back of your couch or on a stack of pillows. Take a few days off or more until you feel better.

Use Ice (and Heat)

Using ice and heat can help with a knee injury too. When using an ice pack, always wrap it in some type of material to keep the pack from directly touching your skin. If the ice sits on your skin, it can leave behind a burn and make your knee even worse. A heating pad set to a low temperature can also help, though you may want to turn the temperature up to feel more relief. Whether you use ice or heat, never use the heating pad or ice pack for more than 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

Apply Compression

Compression can also help you knee injury improve over time. You can use any type of elastic bandage, but make sure that you wrap the bandage around your knee, including both above and below the joint. Knee braces that are elastic are another option. These braces expand to fit around your leg and compress the joint to reduce swelling. You might find it helpful to wear a bandage or brace when walking or using your knee in other ways. If these treatments do not work, schedule an appointment to speak with an orthotic specialist about your knee pain.