How to Pack for an Upcoming Vacation with Your Family of Four or more

Packing for a vacation when you have a family of four or more is probably on par with sticking your fingers in electrical outlets. The whole process is an exhausting and annoying one, mainly because your spouse and kiddos rely on you to get them all packed up and ready for a week of adventures and fun. Ugh. So, how do you manage? The following tips are sure to get you started on the right foot for packing for an upcoming vacation around the area of apartments for rent in Tribec NYC with your whole family in tow. Remember: If your kids are older, around 4 and up, and if your spouse doesn’t work ALL the time, ask for help. Make the lists and delegate responsibilities to ensure everyone is packed up and ready to go when the time comes. Think Practical When You Pack for Your Family of Four [or More]How many outfits does everyone need? What about toiletries? Think practical. You will need hygiene essentials, like toothbrushes, toothpaste, and shampoo, but you also need to pack the basics when it comes to weather-appropriate attire. If you can find somewhere with a washer/dryer combo, then that makes your job even easier because you can pack the bare minimum to wash and re-wear at least once while you’re there. Tip: Throw all of your family’s essentials into a single duffle bag of toiletries. Everyone knows what it is, what it contains, and there’s no confusion of having to take everything out of the bag to find what you need. Ask Your Older Kids to Pick Out a Specific Number of Outfits for However Many Days You Will Be GoneThe great thing about having older kids is they can help you gather a specific number of outfits for however many days you plan to be gone. They know what they want to wear—you simply give them the number of outfits, the guidelines for appropriateness, and then double-check to approve before it all goes in their duffle bags. Tip: Pack in increments throughout the week leading up to your family vacation. Save essentials, like toiletries, for last-minute re-checks to make sure you didn’t forget anything.