Swimming Pools: Design Options for Big and Small Yards

Swimming pools are hands down one of the best ways to fill in the space in any yard. If you don’t have a pol in your house yet but you’re seriously considering putting one in, continue reading this article. Although the size of yards in houses has been gradually decreasing because the amount of available land is reducing, you can still use the space to make yourself a pool.

If you have a small yard, it is fairly simple for you to install a splash pool. In the cold months when you are not planning to use it, you can convert it into a temporary fish pond. If you accessorise it just right, you could even have your own resort pool in the comfort of your house.

Another way for you to create a swimming pool would be to cordon off an area on the side of your house and simply build one there. Once you’ve marked the boundaries of your pool, all you have to do is solidify it with either tiles or a patio itself. While this may not be a big pool, it will still be enough for you to relax and enjoy in the heat of the summer months.

If you have an area that was intended for a garden or a grass patch but you are no longer a fan of the idea, you can literally just convert it into a swimming pool. And if there’s any space left around it, just add an outdoor seating area. You can have your meals here or simply just laze.

While those were creative ideas for small yards, you can get even more inventive if you have a larger area. Imagine a beautiful pool in the middle of the woods. That could be yours in a few, easy steps! Simply add some stones and rocks around your pool, giving it a very natural and earthy feel. The practical advantage of this is that the stones will keep your water cool especially in the hot months.

To go for a fancier swimming pool over a large piece of land, you can have several layers of pools, leading from one to another just like you see in that fancy five star resort you’ve always wanted to go to! You can also customise your pool by adding things like plants and fountains along with paving stones to make it look more aesthetic.

The bigger your yard is, the more creative you can get with the way your pool is styled. For example, you can easily play around with the shape of your pool if you have the space to do it. Let your imagination run wild but maintain some consistency by using paved tiles for the boundary of the pool.

A swimming pool is a great way to make your house more aesthetic, cool, and the place to be. Go ahead and add slippery slides and sunbathing decks for you and your guests to enjoy!