The Best Places in Delhi to Taste Cocktails with a Desi Twist

Indians love their spicy chillies and tangymasalas. They add a little zest to everything they consume- never mind if the dish’s authenticity warrants it or not -so much that the Chinese food of India bearsalmost no resemblanceto the Chinese food of China! This practice has not stayed limitedto eatables; drinks with exotic origins are refashioned to better appeal to the masses here.

Delhi is a paradise for foodies. It is a mini India in itself- people from all over the country settle down in this city and form communities to preserve and celebrate their culture away from home, and that is reflected in the food consumed here.One would be hard pressed to find a cuisine that is not procurable anywhere in the city. So, if one fancies an evening spent in the company of friends downing importeddrinks and cocktails, yet feel close to home in the process, the following eateries are the perfect getaways:


This cosy café serves cocktails such as Khatta Meetha (vodka drenched in aam panna), Chaat Pataka (tequila topped with coriander leaves and seeds, green chilli and chaat masala), Tamarind Kick (vodka served with spicy tamarind punch), Babaji Ki Booty (a cocktail of white rum, mint leaves, fresh cucumber, rock salt and sprite) and Kala Jamun (rum mixed with Kala khatta, rock salt and lime juice). Along with it, one can have dishes from North India, China, Mexico, Italy, and Lebanon at Locale.

Average Cost: INR 1,400 for 2 people with alcohol

Address: 17, Community Centre, next to PVR, Anupam, Saket, New Delhi


Ek Bar is very literally a bar, but along with a wide array drinks they serve an assortment of side dishes from every state of India, which in itself covers several cuisines. Indian cocktails include Kanji Sharbat (a cocktail of beetroot shrub, lime, whiskey, salt and soda), Plum and Mint Sharbat (an assortment of tequila, plum puree,mint,honey, lime andsoda).

Average Cost: INR 1,700 for 2 people with alcohol

Address: D-17, 1stFloor, Defence Colony, New Delhi


Headphones iscompletely designed based onthe concept of a nightclub in mind. It is pitch black in the closely shut room, save for the gleaming laser lights flashing in every direction, lining the walls, lighting the tables and people’s faces. They serve continental, Italian and Indian food items.The choice of cocktails is as quirky as the setting of the room; they serve Ana-ras, which is a pineapple-infused rum, basil and various fruit juices and City of Nizams (gin infused with young turmeric served with Indian tonic water) among others.

Average cost: INR 1800 for 2 people with alcohol

Address: Building 1, Club Road, Punjabi Bagh, New Delhi

SodaBottle Openerwala

Soda Bottle Openerwala is unique in that it chooses to serve only Iranian and Parsi cuisines. It has a select set of devoted customers that frequent the place and give the café a unique vibe. They serve cocktails like Bombay Julep (Rum with apricot and honey with tapped mint leaves), Magic Tea (spiced rum mixed with homemade brew and peach flavoured ice tea).

Average Cost: INR 1,200 for 2 people without alcohol

Address: 73, Khan Market, New Delhi

Bringing back the flavours of India to the new generation and serving them through food and drinks, it not only creates more options to choose from, but also helps keep the culture of Indian flavours alive.