Top Exciting Things to Do in French Riviera

Located on the Mediterranean coastline and on the border of France, French Riviera is a plush location for the travelers. This is one of the most favorite spots for the top-class celebrities around the world. Local people call this place Cote d’Azur. The wide-stretched beaches are luxurious and create the perfect ambiance for perfect beach life while staying there will be astounding. If you are completely bored with your monotonous life, book luxury homes in French Riviera to fill your life with oxygen.

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While you are in a foreign country, you should try to know the culture and tradition of the country. Besides, you should also find the best ways to make your trip full of fun and excitement. Whether tasting the local cuisine or shopping the memories from there, you should live the best days of your life while traveling. So, when you are in French Riviera, you can go for the following exciting things to do.

1.Dine out at Amazing Restaurants

The coastline of each country has its own significance. French Riviera is no exception to that. So, if you want to taste the authentic French cuisine of the coastal town, you will find amazing restaurants over there. The lavish restaurants will amaze you with beautiful ambiance while the top-class chefs preparing outstanding cuisines. Are you travelling on a budget? Why don’t you try the roadside cafes and the street foods? Yes, those are marvelous and they serve lip-smacking items at a much cheaper price.

2.Make Your Staying Beautiful

Do you prefer to stay near Cannes or you choose Saint Tropez? Wherever you stay at French Riviera, you can choose luxurious villas and mansions to make your stay full of excitement. The villas are really lavish and full of all facilities. Besides, they are quite welcoming and full of warmth. After a tiring day, returning to your abode and getting the warm welcome each time with all high-class services.

3.Gamble at Monte Carlo

You can’t miss this experience while you are in French Riviera. Monte Carlo is the heaven for the gamblers of the world. After Las Vegas, this is the place where you can have the maximum pleasure of gambling. The entrance hall columns are really majestic while the red and gold decorations inside the building along with the frescos will definitely make you spellbound. Enjoy gambling at Monte Carlo while getting amazed at the grandiose of the building.

4.Go for a Wine Tour

This is an exclusive experience that you can have in French Riviera. A luxurious wine tour at wineries will make you spellbound. You can take a helicopter ride to have a grand bird’s eye view or book a limo to have an amazing tour. You will also be guided by an experienced guide who can take you on the tour and make you knowledgeable about the winery. You can also have lunch or dinner in extravaganza over there. You can also taste the best-brewed wine there. For a family picnic, such vineyards are the really magical place!

5.Have a Great Shopping Experience at Cours Saleya Market

Are you a woman? Are you in French Riviera? Then, this is the first place where you can go with your girlfriends on the first hand. It is at Nice and is really ‘nice’. This town is located at the heart of French Riviera and it always throbs with life and laughter. While you can have lots of shopping joints here, you will also love the food of this town. Actually, Nice is known as the towns for foodies. While the cafes and restaurants serve you the most authentic French cuisine with a Mediterranean twist, you can also take cooking lessons from the experienced chefs. Roam around the market, buy the fresh fruits, vegetables, and oil for your cooking. This will be a great experience that you can’t have anywhere around the world.

6.Visit Villa Ephrussi de Rothschild

Have you ever enlivened in fairy tales? If not, then this is the place of your dreams. Among all other marvelous villas in French Riviera, this is the most beautiful and it will remind you about those palaces that you have seen in Disney movies. Specifically, it was built in 1905 for Beatrice Ephrussi de Rothschild who was the only daughter of a rich and famous baking family. This house was the place for literary gatherings, for conversation and music and was the hub of art collectors. The garden around the villa is full of colorful flowers that bloom in seasons. The cascading fountains, tropical gardens with the panoramic view of the mountains and hillsides at the backdrop of the villa have made it look jaw-dropping. While the outside is so full of amusement, you will be amazed while entering inside. The rooms are full of antiques, artwork, and furniture. It will uphold an era and transition to another era through these collections of artifacts.

So, here you get to know about the amazing things you can do in French Riviera. Whether you visit the country with your family and friends, you can arrange a great holiday here. So, what are you waiting for? Pack your bags for the coming Christmas vacation and have a great holiday, full of fun. Before going there, you should book hotels or villas much before so that you can get exciting offers and discounts also. For more travel related information, do visit my travel blog.