Top Places in Chennai for the First Timers

If you are starting out with exploring and travelling places in India and are willing to make Chennai your next stop, then that is a great choice. From beaches to ancient churches and monuments Chennai has a great deal to offer to its visitors. So, if you are planning to visit Chennai for the first time, worry not. We have listed some top sites of the city not to miss. Read it and make your list before you head over to Chennai!

Marina Beach

A natural urban beach and the most popular attraction in Chennai, the Marina Beach lies along the Bay of Bengal stretching from Fort St. George in the North to Foreshore Estate in the South of the city. This makes Marina the longest Urban Beach in the country. This beach attracts a massive crowd on weekends and during the vacations. Along with the attraction of the incredible beauty of the seemingly endless beach and its ambiance, Marina beach offers a few water activities and lined up food stalls and small shops as well. Also, the sunset and sunrise here are heavenly sights! So, make sure to stop by the famous beach of Chennai and do not miss either a sunrise or a sunset view! Also, check out Kolkata to Chennai air ticket price and everything else required for planning your trip through any of the top travel sites.

Fort St. George

Historically called White Town, Fort St. George is an ancient fort found in 1644 in the city of Chennai. One of the famous places of the city, Fort St. George houses St. Mary’s Church (the oldest Anglican Church in India), St. George museum which displays some ancient artifacts from the time of English and British rule, and a few other official buildings. Stop by St. Fort George and explore the historic landmark and all that it offers

Edward Elliot’s Beach

Another gorgeous beach to add to your list is the Edward Elliot’s beach located in Besant Nagar of Chennai. Forming the end of the Marina Beach, this calm and beautiful beach and its ambiance is a must-visit for all the nature admirers. Unlike the Marina Beach, Elliot’s Beach has a lot less crowd and is more peaceful and serene. With no water activity attractions as such, you get to solely explore the natural charm of the beach and its surroundings. This beach is perfect if you wish to spend some quality relaxed time close to nature away from the hustle of city life.

St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica

Built over the tomb of Saint Thomas back in the 16th century by the Portuguese, St. Thomas Cathedral Basilica or San Thome Basilica is a Roman Catholic Basilica in Chennai, rebuilt in 1893 by the British as a cathedral church. One of the very few places built over the tombs of the twelve apostles of Jesus, St. Thomas Cathedral is a must visit while in the city. Not to forget, the unique and charming Neo-Gothic style of the architecture of the church is also what makes the place one of the major attractions of Chennai.


Along with being famous for its beaches and monuments, Chennai also has some beautiful temples you can visit and spend some peaceful time at before heading out of the city. The Kapaleeshwarar Temple, the Parthasarathy Temple, and VadapalaniAndavar Temple are some of the popular attractions. The alluring architectures of these temple structures along with the serene and calm surroundings are sure to add some good time and memories to your trip. So, stop by some ofthese temples according to the time you have and take a look at them.

Be it for first-time visitors or just anyone who wishes to explore more of Chennai; the city sure has a lot to offer for everyone! So, go on your vacation to Chennai with these places as must-visits on your list and have a great time. Look out for Kolkata to Chennai air ticket price and get your tickets booked online and get ready to fly!