Undergoing Dental Care to Brighten Your Smile

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As you get older, your smile’s brightness can wane. Habits like smoking or drinking too much soda or coffee can leave your teeth stained. Your teeth may also suffer from damages like chips, cracks, and breaks.

When you have stained and damaged teeth, you may feel less inclined to smile or engage people in conversations. By undergoing services for cleaning, fillings, and porcelain crowns Boerum Hill patient like you may be able to restore your bright smile and enjoy long-lasting benefits that come with these services.

Learning More about Crowns

The crowns used in dentistry today are different than those used in years past. To start, they are made from material that closely resembles the enamel on your teeth. In many cases, you cannot tell which tooth has the crown on it and which one does not.

Further, porcelain remains popular for this purpose because it lasts for years. Many people with crowns keep them for as long as 20 years before they have to have the crowns replaced with new ones. They get a good return on their investment by having crowns made from this material put in their mouths.

That is not to say, however, that you do not need to take good care of your crown or protect it from damages. For instance, your dentist may tell you to avoid eating sticky or hard foods that can pull the crown out of place or break it in half. Your choices of food may become more limited.

Second, you also may need to avoid eating and drinking foods that can stain the porcelain. Porcelain cannot be cleaned with regular toothpaste like your other teeth. If it becomes stained, you may have to undergo special dentistry services to restore its condition.

With proper care, a porcelain crown can last you for years. It will resemble the other teeth in your mouth and allow you to talk, smile, and eat normally. You can learn more about these types of crowns and how to take care of them by visiting the website of the dental provider today.