Why Air In Diesel Fuel Is Bad

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If the fuel filter on your diesel vehicle gets any air into it, there is a great danger of achieving vapor lock. When vapor lock occurs, the engine may stop cranking altogether. The fuel system which powers the diesel engine is inherently designed to keep air out of the diesel fuel. However, it is still possible to get air into the fuel, primarily in two ways. Either after an air filter change or by running the engine completely out of diesel. To counter these problems, there is some great advice provided by companies such as airdog. To remove air from the diesel lines, perform the following procedures.

1. Park the vehicle somewhere where it is well-ventilated and where it will be easy to access the engine. Make sure the parking brake is on and make sure the engine is off.

2. The next thing you will do is to open the hood and find where the fuel filter canister is located. Typically it is towards the rear of the area. Once it is located, loosen it a ratchet and socket and then pull it out with the filter still attached to the cap.

3. Pour fresh diesel into the fuel filter and then replace it back into its original position. Get back into the vehicle and turn the ignition key for 30 seconds. Turn it off and then repeat the process. This will prime the engine and will then remove all air from the fuel filter.

As you can see, it is quite simple to remove the air from the fuel filter and by doing so you will save yourself much grief. Make sure to only use quality parts, preferably from a reputable company such as airdog. Your sanity and your truck will thank you for it!.