Word-Of-Mouth Advertising 101: How To Get People To Share Your Brand Online

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It’s important for business owners to understand that word-of-mouth advertising is an incredibly effective marketing modality. This is the case for many reasons, one of them being that people are more likely to think that a brand is credible and valuable if someone they trust says so. Also note that the person who speaks positively about the brand doesn’t have to be a family member or friend. People are still more likely to buy a product when a total stranger says positive things about it. Luckily, there are many strategies you can deploy to encourage other people to share your brand with others in the online domain. Here are some of them:

1. Share Buttons.

Share Buttons are one of the best strategies to utilize for the purpose of putting the word-of-mouth advertising process in full effect within the online domain. This technique is incredibly empowering because people can forward your company’s content to other individuals in a matter of seconds. In some cases, the use of Share Buttons have empowered business owners to make their brands go viral. If this happens, your product or service line could become visible to millions and millions of individuals within several hours. With this reality in mind, make sure that you’re including Share Buttons on forms of content such as videos, web articles, and blog posts.

2. Twitter Polls.

In addition to placing Share Buttons on your content, make sure that you begin using Twitter polls regularly. Taking this step will empower you to ask your target audience specific questions pertaining to your brand or other topics they find relevant, interesting, or important in some other significant way. Twitter polls function as a form of word-of-mouth advertising because the answers that your audience gives are visible to people who use Twitter but have not come across your brand through this channel or other online mediums. (Note that another big benefit of using Twitter polls is that doing so enables you to do research regarding topics that are of immediate relevance to your brand-building process. For example, if you’re trying to figure out whether many or most of your target audience would purchase a new product you’ve thought about developing, this could be one of the questions you pose via poll.)

3. Referral Program.

One final technique that can really help you optimize the online word-of-mouth advertising process is the implementation of an online referral program. As many marketing mavens know, customers acquired through referrals are more valuable and loyal than other types of customers. This means that you can take your company’s conversion rates to another level if you implement the right type of referral program. If you’re not familiar with referral programs, note that they involve your current customers attaining some type of value-adding reward when they share your brand with other people. In many cases, doing a bit of target market research to determine what types of rewards your customers would be interested in is the best way to get the process going and growing. Once you figure out which type of rewards your audience would be interested in, you’ll know whether your program should include something like a promotional prize, percentage off their next purchase, etc. In addition to determining what you’ll reward your customers with when they share your brand with other people, make sure that you implement customized, cutting edge strategies to get the word out about your referral program. One strategy that could work wonders for you is the use of a time-based email campaign. One way this might work would involve someone making a purchase. A few days later, you could send them a referral link and encourage them to share it. The reward for sharing would be the customer and the friend attaining more discounts.

It’s Not Just Advertising

Remember that while effective advertising can take your organization’s level of influence from average to amazing, this is not the only component of the business growth process. In addition to implementing key word-of-mouth advertising techniques, you should focus on utilizing the most effective equipment on the block. Regularly updating all work-related machines and devices is important for many reasons, one of which is that doing so can help your employees get more done in less time. In addition to ensuring that your products are functional, make sure that they are optimized for aesthetic appeal. In the event that your company makes use of the superchrome system for PVD coating purposes, know that the professionals of Vergason Technology, Inc. can help you locate the ideal products.


If you’re ready to start building your brand online, know that implementing word-of-mouth advertising strategies is important, imperative, and advantageous. Use some or all of the techniques and tips outlined above to ensure that you can encourage other people to share your brand with the individuals they know in the online world!